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We presented our report today. Done!

Quite a stressful day. Although we met last Thursday to combine everything and get the presentation structure sorted, we still had to make sure we were going to be within the 10 minute time limit. We also had to get everything printed out and bound.

Getting within the 10 minutes was tough. We felt we'd got the structure right, with a brief overview of our demographic and the techniques we used, then spending most of our time on our findings and recommendations. And we did cut it down to 10 minutes, although perhaps we rushed it a bit to try and fit everything in. It got a bit stressful cutting it down too - we're all so tired that it was difficult keeping tempers and doing it again and again and again, and it was really hard to make suggestions that didn't come out as criticisms of the points.

Watching the people we were presenting to and listening to the other presentations, I'm pretty sure our balance was right. The clients were more interested in the recommendations than the methods etc. I think we should have made more positive points about the webpage to make it more agreeable, but our 10 minute limit meant we'd have had to have sacrificed something else, which would have been tricky. It was very frustrating to hear most of the other groups going well over 10 minutes, given how hard we'd chopped at ours to get within it.

Definitely a relief to have it done though...

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