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Seminar 1 - the intro

HCCS Advanced topics is the second course I am taking this Autumn. It's not really obvious from the title of the course what that covers! It's an entirely seminar-based course, and is the first one to have an exam rather than written reports.

After the first seminar it seems that the 'advanced' bit comes from looking at the current research boundaries and focus areas in HCI. Apparently each week we'll be given an academic paper to read, then two students will lead a group discussion about the contents. Sounds quite interesting. It seems that we'll be looking at Universal Usability (or Accessibility?) as a general theme throughout the course. And we get to build some phidgets apparently, so that should be good. I'm a little worried about timing again though. We only have 5 weeks from start to finish for that project, and it's group work. Going to be tight I think. Although it might help us keep our focus for a short period. I think a lot of it will depend on what we have to do and try to build.

Our first homework is to look up universal usability and find some of the key players and ideas in the area. I think Julie Howell'spresentation at the last Geek Girl Dinner might be a starting point. Time to do some research!

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