Friday, November 17, 2006 at 11:50
martian77 in HCI

Part of our preparation for the next seminar is to research the Usability Standards. Useful for work too.

Although this is still a relatively young area, ISO have started producing standards. There's the 13407:1999, which is a standard for the process of User-Centred Design, and looks really handy for our work project. It follows an iterative structure, and I think we've got most of it covered in our plans as it stands. I might see if we can get a copy at work. Then there's loads of sections of ISO 9241 that apply.

In the meantime, Usability Partners ( have a pretty good brief overview of the relevant standards, and related ones for further info. There's a much more detailed view on (, once you've got a feel for what you need to find out.

Standards are obviously really handy for allowing people to know what they are going to get from a usability review. It also allows an identification of 'best practice' and provides some kind of framework.

I still need to find some kind of report format though.

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