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I'm currently working on a DPhil in HCT at the University of Sussex. This section of the website is for an on-going 'learning diary', for me to write my thoughts and notes on various courses and my thesis.

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I got a workshop paper accepted at CHI! Looks like I'll be attending the workshop for Designing and Evaluating Sociability in Online Games

I'm pretty excited. I've really enjoyed the conferences I've been to so far, particularly the workshop I attended at Fun and Games. This looks like it's right in my area, so I'm bound to get some interesting (possibly painful? I'm trying to see it all as useful, good or bad) feedback. It will be good to meet people working in this area too. 

Of course, then I looked at the price of the conference. Oooooch. That's the bit people don't mention so much. Still, academia and research demand publishing, conferences are the best way to meet other academics, it needs to be done. So the money will be found, the Eurostar will be booked, and accomodation will be sorted. At least I'm on the right continent for this one! 

(Probably not looking at staying in the campsite in the Bois de Boulogne in late April - tent and Brompton might be a cheap option, but there are limits.)

But yay! CHI!