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I'm currently working on a DPhil in HCT at the University of Sussex. This section of the website is for an on-going 'learning diary', for me to write my thoughts and notes on various courses and my thesis.

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Journal keeping

Long time between posts. As it happens, my colleague and I started a blog at http://grdphil.blogspot.com/ to note down a lot of our project issues and reading etc, so I've been posting there quite a lot. 

We've been making some pretty good progress I think. We've settled on a Flash front end with Java backend, using SmartFoxServer 2.0 to link the two and Hibernate to make it easy to get things in and out of the database. We've done some iterations of a possible front end, and we're currently waiting for feedback from our ebullient client on his latest forays into the world with them! 

I went on a course, all about my career development as a researcher. The Profolio course. Apart from making me fill out one of those dreadful "give evidence of when you have done xxx", they also pointed out the importance of keeping notes of what you've done and when. This (I think) is subtly different from the blog we're keeping over at GRDPhil, although there will be certain overlaps. So I thought I'd brush this section up a bit and update. 

Last term I did my first bit of teaching, helping out on the Multimedia Design for Applications course, that I actually did back during my masters. It was strange being on the other side of it! I was just helping out in the lab sessions. 10 sessions, Thursday morning 9-11. Getting there for 9 every week was good. There were supposed to be 90 people in the lab session, but I don't think we ever got more than about 50 turn up. There were always the same 10 people there at 9 - the AmEx students and about 6 others. There were questions that needed my knowledge of Flash, but mostly I think I was teaching how to debug. How to watch what variables were set to what values, and work out what was going wrong from that. I think it's an under-rated skill. 

Have to see what I end up teaching in the future!