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January 2010

Now I get to look and compare the garden to last year, but I think I'll stick with reviewing as is. I have just had a look back though, and am slightly embarrassed to note that I've been wanting to put a fence in for a year now! Best push that up the priorities list I guess... 

Having mentioned the upper slope, I'll start with that. 

Upper slope 01/01/10

Those rosemary bushes are really getting a little on the large side now. I'm kicking myself slightly for not just putting them along the side to form a hedge between us and next door, but when I originally planted them I didn't expect them to get that big and I thought it would be more interesting if I didn't!

Other than that, the shrubs I've planted are bigger but still need to grow more. The slate has worked pretty well, but still needs standing up again after the plumber incident. I can see lots of alliums and snowdrops coming up, but there should be loads more in there to come through. This, I think, should be the low point. So I guess it's not bad! Must trim those strawberries...

Path 01/01/10 

Mmmm... Sunshine. Pretty damned chilly though.

Veg bed 01/01/10

Those yellow leeks don't look too happy, do they? They still aren't very big, but we really should be eating them rapidly. The broccoli has decided horizontal growing is the way forward, but at least there seems to be some buds appearing. Fingers crossed we'll get something from them at least, and next year I can support them!

In between the two apple trees at the top, you can just see some red stems. I moved one of the dogwoods from the back garden to the front. They have been holding on in the back garden, but haven't really flourished. I'm hoping that one there will grow a bit more, and it uses up some of that top slope! The earth I've disturbed in moving it I'm hoping to sow with some of the clover and trefoil seed, with some californian poppy added. They seem to self-seed everywhere, so hopefully that top slope can become an easy, yet pretty area, attractive for the bees and so on. We'll see. I have a few more self-seeders to add. 

Terraces 01/01/10

The sun makes the shots out through the windows less clear. I've started clearing out some of the bits that need it, but there's still a tomato plant in there that needs removing! It's long dead, I just haven't shifted the skeleton yet. The chard was doing really nicely, giving us about a meal per week, until the snow. I want to move a lot of the salad burnett to the top slope too. It gets a bit out of hand in the terraces, and I can think of better things to put in the terraces like kale, lettuce, strawberries etc. 

Back garden time. 

Lower lawn 01/01/10

The reflections make this a little hard to see, I know. Sorry!

Lawn Upper 01/01/10

This time of year I think it's best to ignore the plants and watch the birds instead. I got very excited this morning when a couple of goldfinches were landing on the seed heads of the rudbeckia and sedum that I've left for a good feed. I've never seen goldfinches in the garden before - clearly the planting is working! We've also seen a thrush around, including it bashing something on the stones. I'm really hoping it's finding snails. I'd like it to stay all year, but there only seems to be one of them at the moment. The addition of the greengage tree and leaving the raspberry canes seems to be really encouraging the blue tits too, they play around on them much more than they used to, and I've seen more of them on the feeder too. 

Concrete 01/01/10

I finally cleared all of the old tomato plants out of the greenhouse. I was feeling really guilty for the large number of tomatoes on them that I just didn't pick. I think that's a bit of a lesson really. GG does not like raw tomato. Cherry tomatoes are just a bit of a pain to cook, so we never ate enough of them. Next year I shall grow bigger tomatoes, and probably only 4 plants instead of 6. I may still grow a couple of the balcony yellow tomato plants though, because I like them!

I'm a little embarrassed that I haven't changed the bedding in the water feature tub too. I'm not sure where the last few months went. Hate that.

I really need to get on and plan for next year now. I have some sweet peas planted, but no broad beans yet! They were so successful last year, I really should. Tomorrow. Yes. 


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