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Thought I'd better sneak a post in before the end of August! It started busy, then I went on holiday, then it was busy, and then I got sick. Sums it up pretty well! One thing I did manage to do before all of that kicked off is get the garden photos taken, so I guess I'd better blog 'em before the next ones are due...

Upper lawn 01 Aug 2010

Back garden. You can see just how dry the year was up until the start of August, that grass is more brown than we've seen it since we moved in. It seemed to be speeding things up a bit. The daylily looks great, but I think that's a little early for the rudbeckia to be out. Still, most things seem to more or less be surviving. 

Lower lawn 01 Aug 2010

It's starting to look like a mature garden now. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of room for improvement. But there's a lot less soil on show now, and the trees are getting larger. 

Concrete 01 Aug 2010

A lot less concrete too. Those 5 pots along the fence have been only watered by the stuff filtering through the bath/reedbed there, and they've survived really well. Having said that, I think the red colouring of the abelia might just have been because the hole for that pot was a little blocked. There's still some refining to do to the outlet of the system. I must do an update on that project soon!

Upper slope 01 Aug 2010

Out front now. The upper slope has had pretty much no watering, other than a couple of the new plants. They are really hard to water actually. The slope just makes it run straight past the plants you're trying to water and hit the strawberries! Mind you, even the strawberries have been struggling with the lack of water. The lavender that I didn't harvest has been smothered in bees, and the helenium has been much more robust than last year. 

path 01 Aug 2010

Looking across the path, the sweet peas that I grew up the arch this year have done better than any sweet peas I've grown for ages, but I think my soil is just too thin for them to really excel. I'll keep working on that I guess! 

Veg bed 01 Aug 2010

The veg bed is also suffering from the lack of water, although I have been watering some things pretty rigorously for me! The potatoes are the biggest casualties - the tops have died right off. I'm hoping there are still spuds under there. I think this happened the last time I grew charlottes too, and I did get a tasty harvest so you never know. In the successes, I have to say we've had courgettes this year. Not many, but more than the none we've had for the last couple of years at least. My butternut squash actually have some fruit on too, but it remains to be seen if it ripens in time or not. Less ground cover this year, but lots of self-sown marigolds which I'm rather fond of! I'm really looking forward to my apples too...

Terraces 01 Aug 2010

The terraces are looking a bit woolly around the edges. And that's fine by me! I have an awful lot of self-sown parsley coming up, and leaving the current crop to go to seed to deal with next spring. I'm seeing if I can do the same with the sorrel and chard too! I'm sure the postman would like it if I move that bag of wood too. Soon, really!

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